Which Bluetti will supply my needs

I’m new here, I did purchase
will Prowse’s book. I’m planning to solo camp several weeks at a time in a tiny camping trailer. My Energy audit:
CPAP 80 watts x 7 hours 560
fridge. (per Hobotech) 227
laptop 3 hours x 60 watts 180
phone, LED lights etc ~100
total 1067

I’ll use solar and have a Honda generator as a back up or to run a 5000BTU window unit Air conditioner. I’m just not sure which Bluetti unit to buy?

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The EB150 should be good - but if you want to avoid bringing the Honda you could go with the AC200P and that would run everything including your A/C unit. (I’m of the mindset that more capacity is better especially if you get cloudy or rainy days)
My video tested running a 13,500 BTU A/C here: https://youtu.be/1tHyjIs2JNw


I would recommend the Eb240 for the 2400 watt hour battery. You don’t have any constant high wattage demands, but you will appreciate the battery capacity.


I’m considering purchase of a used Runaway camper that is equipped with a newish Marine deep cycle lead acid battery. Will a Bluetti be able to charge this battery while it is recharging from solar?

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