Where to send AC200 Max for repair- water damage

Over the weekend a water pipe broke in our basement and my AC200 Max happened to be directly in the line of fire. The unit got fairly wet to the point that the screen was soaked and the unit shut down, it was running refrigeration equipment at the time. I gave it a day to dry and set a fan next to it with the air directed into the vent opening on the side. When I try to turn it on the green light comes on for a few seconds then flashes and turns off. The screen never comes on.
I’m well aware that this will be outside of a warranty fix but would still like to send it somewhere to get it looked at, hoping that something short of buying a new unit can be done. I emailed customer service but have yet to receive a response

Bluetti support is not very good so I’d recommend buying a refurbished one on eBay until they respond.

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If the AC200Max is within tbe warranty period, contact Helen at the service email account. She may recommend a replacement unit.

I would first contact my insurance and go from there. Maybe they have their own repair policy or maybe you just get compensation so you can buy a replacement unit. If that yields no satisfying results you can contact Bluetti to see what options there are for an out-of-warranty repair. When Bluetti does not respond to e-mail it may help to ask them here or via social media. If possible mention your ticket number.

Don’t just send in your unit. Get a repair agreement/appointment first. When you have this, send in your unit, well-packaged and preferably in the original boxes, with fully insured shipping.