Where to safely locate my 2xAC300/4xB300 bundle inside my house?

If it is safe to do so, my plan is to put my 2xAC300/4xB300 bundle (to be used as a whole-house UPS) on wheeled dollies next to my home’s two existing circuit-breaker panels located in a finished basement mechanical room that also contains one natural gas forced-air furnace, one natural gas tankless water heater, and one electric heat pump. The AC300/B300 units will be about 5 feet away from the water heater, 7 feet from the furnace, and 6 feet from the heat pump; but, will not be directly under water pipes. Is it safe to place my 2xAC300/4xB300 bundle within this utility room inside my house? Are there any safety risks regarding the placement of my 2xAC300/4xB300 bundle that should cause me to consider locating my 2xAC300/4xB300 bundle elsewhere? Thank you in advance for any guidance and/or recommendations you can provide.

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@hned lifepo4 tech is pretty safe so as long as the units have plenty of room for the side vents to do their job, you should be good to go! Jealous of your setup btw!!

Yes, it is safe to place the setup indoors, and give the AC300 ventilation space on both sides (facing it from the front it takes air in on your right and expels it on your left). During heavy charging or discharging, you will hear the main fans turn on. The B300 needs no ventilation.