Where is my PV420?

I paid for two PV420 on INDIEGOGO last fall (Contribution ID 4809, Contribution Date September 30, 2022). I received one of them a few weeks ago via UPS, but still have not received the second one. I’ve contacted Bluetti several times and have had no response. Bluetti is advertising the PV420, so I imagine is should be available. Has anyone else had this problem? I’m concerned and a bit distressed.

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It’s LOGISTICS! Oh, and the Chinese Holiday! At least according to the Bluetti emails we get!!!:confounded::tired_face::confounded::rofl::-1:t4:

Hi @SureHope , Please contact us via private message with your IGG account name and email address. I will have a colleague in the crowdfunding department verify this for you.

How and where do I private message to you?

Replied to you via private message, please check :)

Bluetti customer service is at the top of the heap of sorry-ass’d service entities. They hide from their customers by not having/answering their phones. All excuses are BS plain and simple. They sell products that have time sensitive utility and when you have a problem they are days away from starting the answer chain of multiple emails and by then your question has become far greater. This is not a new thing from them. Now, I have found the community link off the Bluetti page is missing so getting to this forum has become even more difficult if not impossible for new folks who have no idea it’s here. The only good thing coming out of Bluetti is the products, those you can actually get. I can not imagine the chaos that is their daily workplace based upon the total lack of care for their customers. I can easily see a class action lawsuit of massive value coming out of this if they do not remedy their customer service issues quickly. They sell expensive products and the expectation for such technical help when you need it is not anything abnormal for a customer to expect.