Where Can I Buy a Bluetti Smart Home Panel?

Where can acquire an official Bluetti Smart Home Panel?

What is the MSRP for the Smart Panel?

Will it function with an AC500 + B300S since only the AC300 and EP500 are specified in its description?

If the Bluetti Smart Panel cannot be acquired at this time (or soon) will something like the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel work with a 30AMP adapter cable for the infinity port?

We are very sorry, but Bluetti Smart Home Panel is currently discontinued. If there is any new information about this smart panel, we will announce it again.

Since the smart panel is discontinued, can you recommend an alternative? The smart panel was originally an in stock item that several or more people were able to order and receive delivery. I had purchased two ep500 pro generators with the intent of installing a complete system. Now, what can I do to go off the grid when the need arises? I can’t afford to pay an electrician multiple times to be on/off the grid. If I purchase another brand of panel, will that then void my warranty?

I need to complete the installation before the need disappears! How can customer service provide me
with what I need??

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I have 2 ac500 & have also been looking to purchase the Smart home panel. I have heard that you have to be careful with installing transfer kits. Will there be a BLUETTI smart panel in the future?

This product can be used as an alternative. Hope this helps!

Will this work for a single ac500 as well?

[R510A Pro/Tran2 Outdoor 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch with CS6375 Power Inlet https://a.co/d/2pPOH2J](R510A Pro/Tran2 Outdoor 50-Amp 10-Circuit 2 Manual Transfer Switch with CS6375 Power Inlet https://a.co/d/2pPOH2J)

You actually do not need any special panels.
The AC500, AC300 can output 30A 120V (assuming USA) and you can wire that directly into your main service panel through a 30A generator breaker. What you want is a manual interlock installed (not technically necessary but highly recommended) so it forces you to disconnect your panel from the grid before you turn on the generator breaker.
Now, since a single AC500 and AC300 can only do a single phase of 120V power, you will need to short both legs of the bus together on AC300 side of the breaker with a 10awg jumper wire. This way, all your circuits will have power. It is important that you turn off all 2 phase 240v breakers before turning on the generator breaker, as you have shorted both phase together. I have done this setup using an AC300 as well as a Jackery 1500.

You can refer to the following purchase link

I have an ac500 and the reason I am asking about the link to the 50a panel is because it is different than bluetti’s package. I am going with a partial off grid setup. I want to be able to switch a few circuits on to battery to be off grid in standard use and when there is grid failure, switch the other circuits on the subpanel to battery. I believe bluetti’s panel is all or nothing on the subpanel gets battery.

Bluetti’s admin once recommended the 30a version in the original response. I am asking if the 50a will work for the for the ac500 like the 30a version or it is incompatible.

@kkircher Yes the 50 A panel works for the AC500. Please notice: It has to be installed by a professional electrician who has a license and follow the Bluetti Installion guideline

Yes I will be using a licensed electrician. Is there any other documentation other than the manual that comes with the home panel kit? I have that manual with wiring guide and diagram of components.


@kkircher I have sent the document to your email, please check