When with the EP500 and the B300 be available in Europe?

Hi, located in Italy, and really keen to use the Bluetti units as backup power for my home. Although I can do simple electrical work, building a system from scratch is too much for my abilities and I have been waiting for the larger Bluetti units to make it over here. Does anyone have any information?

While on the topic of international roll out, can we get an update for Canadian timelines? I was planning to ship it to a border city and then drive over to pick it up from Canada, but covid restrictions made that harder.

Hi @Geo @snowstorm,

Thank you for your attention.
Good news! B300 and AC300 are on the road to EU. Please stay tuned. :grin:
EP500 has no updated info temporarily. We will announce any new developments about it.

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Do we know when the AC300 will come to Canada?

Hi @snowstorm,

AC300 will be available in June at the earliest.

and when over here in the EU?

The specific date needs to be updated. I will tell you if there are any good news.