When will my D40 purchase Ship?

@BLUETTI_CARE I purchased a D-40 AC200L high amp 12 volt output step down device last week after seeing it become available on your website. Since it has been over five months from the release of the AC200L to the D40 shown as being able to order, I was hardly able to contain my excitement. This high level of excitement has abated somewhat after seeing that the unit has not shipped and still is in the unfulfilled status.

Can you let me and all the others who have ordered the D40 know when shipment will occur?

My order number is # US111004

@Scott-Benson 20 pieces of D40 have just arrived and are expected to be shipped within 2 days, please don’t worry.

Thank you for the update. I am excited for my D40 arrival. I think I misunderstood when I saw the D40 was offered for sale and assumed that the units were actually in stock and ready to ship.

I’m not sure I would describe my mood as “worry” at the moment. I was shipped a D40 that did not have the feature of being able to directly power 12 volt high wattage loads through the D40. I am in process of returning the unit today. Also found out that the 12 volt output is limited to 20 amps through the D40 when direct powering a 12 volt device. This is somewhat discouraging since several of you models include a built in high amp 12 vdc output (with not need for an additional unit like the D40) with higher output capacities. Your competitors also have higher amp 12 vdc output that are built in as well. I kind of feel like I got a car and had to pay extra for an engine only to find out the engine is lower powered that expected and lower powered than the competition.

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@Scott-Benson The D40 you received is the wrong inventory that we shipped out by accident. Please don’t worry we will help to return and arrange the shipment of a new replacement for you.