What to do with the old AC200

I bought two AC200 thru crowdfunding, great price $999. Now what to do with them since I bought 2 EP500s. The EP500 has only 2000 watt inverter. So do I plug in my kitchen appliance or my bedroom heater ??? Both running at the same time overloads the EP500. Here is my great idea for the old AC200, plug the AC200 power supply into the EP500 and then move the heater power cord to the AC200. Keep the kitchen appliance cord on the EP500. This way I have an inverter power of 3500 watts, enough power to run both Kitchen and heater at the same time !
Life is Good,

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If you want to get rid of the AC200 unit/s, how about offering to sell them? If they are still working I would consider purchasing if the price was right.