What model is best for low loads?

I have the AC200 and 200P which I bought primarily for loss of power as a backup for my house.

I also have a small electric cooler that pulls around 35-40 watts when the compressor kicks in and would like to use a battery for outside in my backyard for very low loads. Like for lighting, phone charging and maybe a few other very low load (less than 100 watts) items.

What would be the best model to purchase for these type of conditions?

I don’t think my AC200 is ideal for this as it might use more juice than it draws.

I also have 4 SP-120 solar panels and want to make sure I can charge the smaller battery without any problem. Unless of course there isn’t any sun!!

The AC30 for $199 now is good for low loads with low overhead during low load periods. It is not regulated 12 volt which is good since the Lifepo4 batteries stay at consistant voltage and being not regulated = low over head load losses. You can use a single SP120 or a pair connected in parallel to charge the AC30. The AC50S is good as well but with the 12 volt output being regulated, you will have somewhat more parasitic low load overhead which may not be an issue with the higher battery capacity. But…you can buy a pair of AC30s for the price of a single AC50S. Both units have very basic diplays and the primary negatives on the AC30 is no car charging, no included solar cable (easily sourced on amazon) and no display of incoming or outgoing wattage. All of these negatives are eliminated on the AC50S, but depending on the user, they may or may not be important.

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The AC50 seems to be the way to go. I’m guessing the new 70 model might be a bit overkill?

Make sure you get the AC50s vs the AC50, unless you don’t want regulated 12V. Not sure they are even making the AC50 anymore. Both the AC30 and the AC50s only support 300w output, whereas the EB70 supports 600w. You might find down the road you wished you had gotten the EB70. :grinning:

The AC30 is LIFP04 batteries where the AC50S is not so if battery life cycle is an issue, my advice would the the AC30 or EB700.

Thank you for all of your replies!

I did not realize that (AC50s is not LFP). Good to know.