What kind of battery can I charge my AC300 with?

I know its not supposed to be a car battery, its supposed to be some kind of deep cycle lead acid battery. I’m just confused bc I tried to use my other power generator, my Aimtom which is 300 watts to charge it and it didn’t work. The cigarett port on the Aimtom said 12v 8a. Okay now the manual for the Ac300 said it can handle up to 12a and 12v -120v (bc its the same port for the solar panels). And it didn’t work, i also put the “DC1 Port” to “other” as said in the manual so i know its not that. Can someone much smarter than me help? Also can you tell me how you learned all this sh*t? Any electrical books for idiots like me? In dumbed down language that i can understand. Maybe you know some good Youtube Channels that you learned it from or something. Thanks in advance.

I just realized I didnt mention that i bought the B300 battery that came with it, Im asking how do i charge the B300 battery with smaller lead acid batteries.

The AC300 and B300 is meant to be used together. The AC300 is the inverter:charger and the B300 is the battery.

The B300 is not a car lead acid battery, it is a Lithium Ion battery (LiFePO4 type). It is much higher voltage pack, around 56V, compared to a typical car battery which is usually 12V (rarely 24V).

Generally, you will charge the B300 through the AC300 using various means, but the B300 can also be charged directly at a slower rate with an optional not included power adapter or solar panels.

To charge using the AC300, you can use AC, or solar panels at the correct voltage, or another 12V or 24V battery. To charge the B300 using car battery, connect it to the AC300, then connect the car battery to the aviation input port, select input mode to be Car and the should charge. Note the charge rate would be slow, only around 100W. And you car should be running or it will for sure drain the car battery before the B300 is full as it has many times the capacity of a typical car battery.

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