What is your maximum input on EB3A?

I am curious to know what is the maximum input charge wattage you ever get on EB3A.
In my opinion, this powerstation is factory limited around 160W

AC charging : 158W
PV charging : 152W

Thank you

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Hi @DenisTH

Solarcharging: 200 W max, VOC 12–28 VDC/ 8,5 A
AC-Turbomode: 350 W
combined max: 430 W

Theese are the official specs.


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Thank you Selfmadestrom
I already know the OFFICIAL SPECS
What i will appreciate to know is the reality of EB3A owners

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The reality is 155 to 165 watts due to the amperage limit. Most solar panels under load do not have sufficient voltage to obtain higher results without exceeding the incoming voltage limit


With around 300Wp of solar you can realistically get 160W in the eB3A.

You need to find a 28VOC panel but at Vmpp it will only have Around 20V and this is only at idea conditions. if it gets hot the voltage will drop.

To get 200W you need around 24V under laod and to get this you might need 400-500W of “24V” solar panels

So 150W from solar sounds about right.

AC charging Should be Closer to 250-300W for most of the charge cycle (depending on SOC)


Thank you to everyone for answering.
I already know all the theory about PV voltage and amperage.
For instance, in my own case, i had to install 340W PV to get a max input of 160W.

An example…
EB3A is 90% charged. I plug in AC cable to charge it. Immediately, input goes up to 264W. But 5 seconds later, it falls down to 157W.

Another example…
My 2x170W PV are plugged on my Goal Zero power station : it gives an input of 190W
I plug them (same time, same PV position) on EB3A, i get only… 157W

That’s why i think that on EB3A, they have put an input limitation around 160W, both for AC and PV
I would like to get more reports from other users

Thank you

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This sounds like the internal Battery pack has problem and the BMS is liming the charge current.

Maybe the cells are out of balance and single Celle hits a voltage limit.
Or a singe cell has more internal resistant.

Have you done a full Charge discharge charge cycle?

Fully charge it and let it plunged in over night so the cell have time to “top balance”
then Fully Discharge it with a constant load.

After this Fully charge it and let it plunged in over night Again.

Afterwards uses it normal and see if you get the full charging speed at around 60% SOC.

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Sorry, but it has nothing to do with full discharge / full charge. I tried this many times already.
I optimized everything about my PV : orientation, tilt angle, azimuth, shadow. I even refreshed them. Never get more than 165W.
And AC input gives always same result : Jump to 250W then fall down to 157W
I am quite sure that there is a factory limitation to avoid problems on EB3A. The 200W solar max input and the 350W AC input are just marketing.

You state you were at 90% charge and since the charge tapers off when close to full, the incoming charge will be limited by the state of charge on the battery. Discharge to about 50% and see if you get better results. The second issue is temperature of the battery. If you try to charge right after a high wattage discharge, the battery temperature will be elevated and charging rate will be lowered until the battery temp has cooled. To check to see if this is the issue, when you are experiencing low charge rates, shut everything off for the night and try again the next morning. If much improved charge rate is experienced, temp. is likely the culprit. I can get the full charge rate from my EB3as if they are not too hot and the state of charge is not beyond 80%.

I used an ecoflow 220w bifacial panel and max average wat 157 watts to the EB3A compared to 210 watts with my MPPT controller to a 100AH battery.

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Thank you. Interesting