What is the hum / noise on my microphone & headphones?

Morning everyone - I am using the EB70 to run my laptop off AC, but I am finding on work Teams calls that there is an electrical hum / buzz present on my microphone which others can hear. The same hum is present in my headphones and gets louder if I hold the cable. It sounds like a “mains hum” but I haven’t recorded it to check. Does anyone have any experience of this and any suggestions to resolve? Would running my laptop off DC (45-65w PD) resolve it, even if the two attached monitors are running on AC, perhaps the hum would be introduced through the monitors anyway?


You are correct - anything in the audio chain can insert noise - as an example, my balanced audio system had noise/hum - did some research and it was suggested to disconnect my cable TV coming into the house - no connection to my system whatsoever and the hum was completely eliminated. Could also be coming from EB70 - could try an isolator in front of laptop as well.

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Thanks Brandon for your helpful comments.

A little more info on this for anyone searching - the buzz is coming from the 240v inverter. If I power devices off the 12v DC only, there is no buzz. Switch on the inverter and it begins.