What happens if AC is on (Fridge connected) and battery is emptiy befor it's recharged next day (PC+Sun)


I would like to know if the AC200Max will restore AC output automatically, if it shuts down due to an empty battery during the night.

Once day day starts, the sun comes out, and the battery is being charged: Will it fall back to the previous state, in my case activated AC&DC-output?

I have a fridge (AC) connected. And in case the battery is empty, the fridge will be OK for a few hours, as long as I can be sure that the AC200MAX will turn AC back on, as soon as the battery is being charged again, and has a minimum SOC of 5-10%. I can not always be present and manually turn it back on, in case battery was drained.

If AC200Max is turned off at night due to battery drain, it will not automatically resume AC output.
Once the sun comes out and the solar panel is connected, the battery will recharge. However, the machine will not automatically turn on the AC, you can only manually or APP to turn on the AC output

By a firmware update, it should be possible that to give users the option of “fallback to previous state” after battery was drained and battery had been charged back to 5-10%?

This would be two settings, maybe three:
1st: Fallback after Battery Drain? Yes/No
2nd If Fallback active, at which SOC? 5-15 (user sets value)
3rd If Fallback active, recactivate AC only /DC only / AC&DC.

Sorry, this practice is not allowed.
BLUETTI power stations are not allowed to automatically turn on AC,DC because of the hidden risk of electric shock.

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