What happened to the bluetti forum

It sems I’m no longer able to login, but I can see my past posts in the drop down but my icon (pic of AC200p) no longer shows but that could be related to not being able to log in.

Anyone else havingvissues lately w/ using the forum?

@roxie60 Are you logging in from the web or from BLUETTI APP?

From the website. I only use the bluetti app via blue tooth to monitor devices, not to access the forum. I noticed something has changed fromcthe last time I was on the forum a few days ago.

Technical team reply: This may be a bug in the previous forum data migration, and is currently being troubleshot.
We suggest you can upload your avatar once by yourself first. The team will fix the bug as soon as possible after checking.

I would reload my avatar however I did mention I cant login to access my profile. Currently it still recognizes my userid but there is no login/logout option or account/profile option. I’m very concerned if I close the window I will have no access at all and/or my past foum activity will be lost. The dropdown still shows threads I’ve responded to recently however my user name no longer shows up next to each thread and at th top my avatar is gone, replaced by a grey silhouette that I guess is suppose to represent a non registered quest. I get replies from Bluetti Admin but I’m getting n replies from fellow community members and I’m guessing its because my id is not associated w/ the thread they are not replying. So until I can communicate w/ my Bluetti community to get some questions answered about the AC180 I will sadly have to wait to make a purchase decision. I also cant see other members so I can reach out to them directly. Hopefully this will get resolved and I dont loose access to my old threads. Plus will be good to know where the login/logout option has gone, just looks like the forum sees me as unregistered user yet you can reply to me and I see my userid on this thread. I will try to load a screen shot(pics on other device).

@roxie60 I have sent you a private message to follow up, please check :)

It seems that the forum is a dead end, with the black hole at the end.
To solve a problem, one can post, post, post. The answer is a booming silence.
What great support - more of a marketing gimmick

My experience with the forum (prior to recent changes) has been favorable, other members & Bluetti Admin have typically responded in timely manner and very helpful.

Although it seems Bluetti Admins still respond I have to admit though I’m finding the new forum format less inviting to use. Which is sad since there are very experienced Bluetti product users & Bluetti support has been helpful many times.

I hate to see folks feeling less engaged perhaps because the user interface was changed(?). There are helpful folks here, I’m going to keep trying to stay connected here but many demands on our time can result in less activity if ‘forum ease of use’ has been sacrificed for flashy UI. But could just be me, have a lot on the plate currently.

I wish Bluetti & forum members continued success.

Spending a bit more time in the forum since all the changes and its growing on me. Think just me needing to get acclimated to the UI.