What 'extra' is needed with ACMAX500

Wanting to purchase cables, Y cables, extension cords and other necessary items to run 2(two) 200W Blluetti Panels. Does anyone have suggestions on what to purchase. What I don’t want is to be in a remote area and realize my Max500 and 2 panels need some extensions for them to work.

There’s no AC500Max, you must mean AC200Max. It comes with an aviation to XT90 cable and an XT90 to MC4 cable. What I’d do is wire both PV200 panels in series and then connect it to the aforementioned MC4 cable. Like the below image but just two instead of three panels:

If you need an MC4 extension cable you would plug it between 8/9.

Here’s a link to a 30ft 10AWG MC4 extension cable: https://www.amazon.com/Temank-Extension-Weatherproof-Connector-Adapter/dp/B0854NZ398/r