What Extension cord for EP500?

If I want an extension cord for plugging the EP500 into a wall outlet, what should I get? Thank you.

As per the spec here:

Correction (thanks Hey): EP500 pulls only 600w to charge, but can pull up to 2000W as pass-through. So you’ll want to use a 12awg extension cord of better. They’ll be known as “heavy duty” extension cords. you’ll want to make sure they are 12awg or better.

@snowstorm Be careful what you tell people. My EP500 draws 2000+ watts from the wall when it is charging the battery and pass-thru AC to the output devices. Your comment is only from charging the batteries and does not include the draw from the AC wall plug. I would use #12 extension cord.

I know what the specs say about EP500 AC input power, it is very misleading. I have a KILL-a-Watt meter on the AC wall plug and it gets around 2000 watts input in the pass-thru mode. By the way, I wonder why Bluetti send me heavier cords to plug the EP500 into the wall, the original cords where not big enough to handle the current that the EP500 needed in the pass-thru mode.

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You are correct. I overlooked the pass-through part.

If it pulls 2000 watt max, then you’ll want to use a “heavy duty” extension cord, 12 awg or better. You can find that in hardware stores for powering tools such as circular saws and stuff.

Thanks to both of you!