What do people think about the next EP series?

We don’t have an AP series section yet so putting question here for now.

Will be interested in how stacks up against Titan. Also great idea they put on wheels cause I had to put the AC200 on wheels. Also like the thin profile. Not to mention the potential power.



I like it for the plug and play design and as an emergency home back up power source. I am in Southern Florida and having back up power is a real issue when we get hurricanes. I am most interested in connecting the unit directly to a home via a home generator inlet connection as well as having the ability to connect two of the “PRO” model in parallel for double battery capacity and triple inverter capacity.

The physical size is still small enough to keep in the garage or inside the home (closet or storage room) and connect when needed. The great thing with this design is that a generator inlet can be installed near any indoor (or inside the garage) circuit breaker panel location and the EP500 can be kept inside and connected to the home without ever having to go outside in the storms for connections.

The App connectivity is a great feature and it would be great to offer a few additional add on battery only options to increase battery capacity. I look at the EP500 mostly to depend on in the evenings and night and be able to recharge again during the day with a medium gasoline generator. Having the ability to move the entire set up from location to location is a great plus as well.

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I like the ability to power 240 VAC devices using 2 with the Voltage Fusion Box for my well pump. That is a 30 amp/ 240 volt twist lock outlet on the Voltage Fusion Box, the same as on my Predator 9000 generator. The cable that connects the 2 units synchronizes the 120 volt phases to make 240 VAC.

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I heard its around 140 lbs. No heavier than your 13 year old. No problem
The price is supposed to be $3995.00 but early bird price around $2500. Sounds like a deal. As for camping. Better the AC200P.

I agree. I’m currently striving to figure out how to DIY implement the AC200P such that I can just have the panels mc4/ cables pass thru the house outside wall so I don’t have solar cables coming thru doors or windows. Initially it will be off grid w/ no auto transfer…that is next project. I also want to allow a gennie extention cord to pass through same box.

I think I have all the pieces now for basic emergency power but need to come up with best implementation.

The new box looks great with all the specs and the parallel implementation really makes it a contender for full average home power backup.

Anyone concerned the company still using ‘fund me’ programs for new in the pipeline products? I’ve spent a lot just getting all the pieces for the AC200. I’m just wondering if the same thing will happen, initial offering, great price, incentives then production version with tweaks and higher price.

I’m just not sure I can swing one in the early offering (I know I can’t swing 2). Also how power bothe AC200P and an EP500 with existing panels (switch between the power stations and pray for enough sunshine - I think I recall it will take even more time to solar charge the EP500). I wonder if EP500 will use the same brick as the AC200 (411)?

Its fun thinking through the new offering

I believe the EP500 doesn’t use a brick for its primary charging from AC. I believe it uses a built in transformer and it just comes with a power cord to plug into the wall (or your gas generator). I’m also pretty sure I saw Mark Yue post that you can use the AC200’s brick as a secondary/additional power source via the PV input, just like you can do with the AC200.

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Yes a second brick can be used with adapter for PV port. Nice feature.