What do I do with solar panels attached to my vehicle roof while storing Bluetti away for winter

I installed 2 solar panels on top of my minivan roof that charges my AC200. I assume the bluetti will not like the freezing winter so I would like to turn the Bluetti off and store inside the house til spring. My question is, what do I do with the solar panels with live power from the sun. Is there a safe way to cap the electrical lines?

Assuming the solar panels have the standard MC4 connectors, just unplug from the Bluetti and leave them. No risk.

You would only risk a shock if you touched the positive and negative at the same time and that’s not possible with MC4 connectors since you cannot touch the metal connections at all.

You should know (although I would not go out of the way to solve this) that the longer solar panels are in the sun the shorter their life. For instance, after 10 years your panels may be down to 80% efficiency. If you moved them into a dark room for winter when you are not using them you would get longer life.

Yes, they are the mc4. I guess I’ll just disconnect from the bluetti then. Thanks for the info