What could I plug into the 12V/30A Super DC socket?

I’m thinking of getting an AC200Max. I have not seen one in person and I am unfamiliar with the 12V/30A Super DC socket.

I have 2 devices in my truck (a fridge and a water pump) which use 12V/10A Cigarette Lighter plugs. I see that the AC200Max has 1 Cigarette Lighter Socket which I could use to power one device. WouldI somehow be able to use the 12V/30A Super DC socket to power the second device?

You could use the 30 amp outlet to run a second device or make up a triple car socket cable and run both devices of of the 30 amp outlet. If you are able, the best way to run the devices is not to use the cigarette plug connections and replace them with XT60 connectors which will make a much better connection and give you frustration free running. Some run the 30 amp 12 volt outlet via a cable to a fused bus bar and then connect your devices to that bus bar which also bypasses the poor cigarette plug connections. The cable you would need is an aviation output cable that is shown under the accessories portion of the bluettipower.com website. The cable has an aviation (locking) plug on one end that connects to the AC200 max and on the other end it is an XT60 connector. The AC200P model would be more that capable of running your fridge and water pump as well as a microwave for shorter durations.

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Thank you.

Based on “You could use the 30 amp outlet to run a second device”, you mean I could plug the cigarette lighter plug directly into the 12V/30A socket.

You mention also “make up a triple car socket cable”. I’m unclear about what adapters I could use with this . Who sells these adapters? For instance, were you thinking something like this splitter sold on amazon would work?

Also you mentioned, “replace them with XT60 connectors”. How can I do this? Where would get the parts?

#1-No the cigarette lighter plug will not plug directly to the 12V30 amp socket. You would need a Cigarette socket to XT60 cable to do that and preferably one that accepts two to three sockets on the same cable. This is not hard to make, but I don’t know your electrical knowledge or ability.

2-Yes the amazon link you showed is similar in concept to what we are discussing. Imaging that same unit but instead of the cigarette plug on the end, it was an XT60 connector. That is what would be needed. It could be a simple as taking that multi socket unit you linked to, cutting off the cig lighter plug and replacing it with the appropriate XT60 connector. imagine this unit https://www.amazon.com/NOCO-GC020-Adapter-Socket-Splitter/dp/B00G8WLT7C/ref=sr_1_11?crid=3E27VPRT8L5TE&dchild=1&keywords=noco+socket&qid=1635798382&sprefix=noco+socket%2Caps%2C111&sr=8-11 with the plug end cut off and replacing it with this XT60 connector https://www.amazon.com/Female-Connector-Housing-Silicon-Battery/dp/B073QJWVVK/ref=sr_1_7?crid=MJOD9D01ZU20&dchild=1&keywords=XT60%2Bconnector&qid=1635798488&sprefix=xt60%2Bconnector%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-7&th=1 which would then connect to the AC200 30 amp DC output. I am not saying these two products are the best, but using them as an example of how to get 2 cig sockets powered from your 12 V 30 amp DC outlet.

3-The cigarette plug and socket are very poor electrical connections expecially when using them with higher amperages of power. The best thing you could do would be to cut off the cig plug from all the devices and replace them with XT60 connectors instead of the existing cig. plug.

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Thanks. I see. So the “Super DC” socket is an XT60 connection. It’s very hard to tell what it is from the pictures and all google searches for “Super DC” yielded result for DC Super Heroes so I had no idea what it meant. (IMO it’s poorly named)

The end of the “Super DC” cable is an XT60 not the actual Super DC port.

Hi there,

12V RV cable can connect with the super DC output. But I’m not sure whether your device’s plug is suitable for this cable or not.
Please check the info first.

@Scott-Benson Use a fused anderson distribution block and plug directly into the 12V RV cable anderson connector. Then cut the 12v cigarette lighter plug off the appliance and solder on anderson connectors. Now the appliances can be plugged into the distributon block or used in cigarette lighter outlets as needed.