What camping gadgets do you all plan to use with the eb3a?

Besides charging the usual camera, cell phone, and lights, what other gadgets do you all plan to use with the eb3a?

I plan on testing it out with a 600w kettle.

Since it is rated for 600 max watts and has a small 266 watt hour battery and has trouble with keeping the interior cool already, I am going to power my 900 watt toaster.

From everything I have seen about the EB3A it looks like a nice unit but the capacity is pretty low. I personally wouldn’t buy one expecting very much from it. That’s the problem with all the social media influencers, They are very good at hyping a product and convincing you how great it is but then they quickly gloss over small yet very important details like the 266 WH battery.

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This is my first power station ever, and I think it’s a good fit for my needs. I plan on keeping my devices charged, maybe some lights running for camping, and possibly heating up some water every now and then with a 600w kettle. I’m still not too sure about the last one, but I understand it can charge quick, and I can use a solar panel and the EB3A at the same time. I don’t really plan on going off grid that often, but I do like the idea of having a small and portable power station.

You can find 5VDC USB powered lights on amazon etc. that are really nice and don’t draw a lot of power. They also make a USB powered fan as well. 2 really nice items for camping. Using the DC side of your EB3A will be a little more efficient than the AC side. Let us know how the electric kettle works. The battery is indeed a little on the small side but the difference between having it and having nothing is vast.

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Thank you for the tips. I’ll have to take a look at those lights. I’ll definitely post updates here.

@Tombox it ran my jp50 like a champ all weekend long!!

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So a 600W kettle will use 100Wh every 10 minutes. So if it takes 10 minutes to boil water for 2 cups of tea then you have used half your battery.

I have an AC200Max which I have been testing to run some circuits for home backup. For certain my kettle is the biggest draw! If I boil a kettle I can use 10% of the battery!

Now, if I’m drawing 900W of solar at the time, it’s less of an issue. Got to time my kettle usage :slight_smile:


Nice setup. Very clean little scamp. I do wish the fridge manufacturers would make their product in lighter colors to not absorb heat though.

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@Scott-Benson agreed! Or even a “light” colored cover instead of black. I ended up splurging and buying an white iceco go20 cooler from Amazon yesterday along with their cover for that unit which is also available in white. Wish they along with the other 12v cooler manufacturers, made them available in that color for all the units. Or at least a “taupe” or light gray?? Black just doesn’t make sense to me specially if they are going to be where the sun is hitting it. :man_shrugging:t2:

Taking the wife, daughter and nieces to Wisconsin Dells this weekend and knew that lioncooler mini definitely isn’t going to be here in time… and with a bunch of girls… knew I am going to need all the space my outback can offer. Haha the jp50 cooler would’ve been too large to try and fit all their luggage along with it.

Amazon said the cooler and cover should be here Friday so I’m looking forward to seeing how it does!

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Thank you for the info. My EB3A was delayed, so I just timed the 600w kettle at home. It took 5 minutes for the water to boil in it’s 0.6L container. Is it worth using with the EB3A? Probably not, but I’m still interested in testing it out.