What additional accessories everyone think must haves for the AC200p?

I just ordered the AC200p a couple days ago but already seeing there maybe some additional accessories that might be beneficial that are currently on sale.

Just wanted feedback for those who already have their AC200 or AC200p which accessories you think are must haves? Thanks.

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The additional AC200 Adapter + XT90 Cable accessory is the first one addition I purchased… This will allow me to charge the Bluetti much faster if I have access to shore power, and also a backup charging block of this capacity/quality is great to have in case issues were to arise.

And as my main intent of use for the AC200 will be to supplement my 13’ Scamp Camper, the 12V/25A Aviation Plug package they offer was a must! I ordered one of them so that I will be able to wire up to my 12v panel directly from the Bluetti. This will allow me to power all the 12v appliances without the added losses I would encounter had I just plugged my shore line directly into the AC side of the Bluetti.

The quality of the accessories Bluetti is offering is outstanding too. It beats having to track down the specific adapters/connections and having to worry about soldering/wiring them up yourself. And honestly, the price points on them are fantastic! For example… I ordered up an extra WEIPU 25a 2pin aviation plug from amazon, (the exact connector bluetti is using) and it was $22… and that doesnt come pre-wired/soldered up…

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Thanks for the reply. I think I will order the 2nd adapter cause that was my first priority since not much sun these days. Next will be panels after a bit more research.


Bummer, AC200p adapter says sold out…anyone know if a way to get auto notified when back in stock for ordering?

You could try to email service@bluetti.com and see when they will become available again.

Maybe @BLUETTI might be able to assist in this as well??

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Please sign up on bluetti.com, we will email you as soon as the adapter is back in stock again.


Not sure what sign up you mean but I put my email at bottom of screen to receive info. However I was not able to request to be informed when the AC adapter is back in stock. If there is a specific place to request notification on out of stock products please provide a link.

FYI, I’m new customer but selecting the Accessories option from drop down menu doesn’t link to Accessories. I was able to get to adapters Accessories on your site via a 3rd party link.

I purchased this 12v power supply for when I’m in no hurry and want to slow charge (in Car Mode) for longer battery life. Charges the AC200 at 100w. Also it’s easier to lug around than the monster brick that comes with the AC200.

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Interesting-charging in car mode

D050S in case I buy a 2nd b230 for my AC200p

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If i would stop buying bluetti products i would like to get a 12v frig/freezer. On my solar bucket list

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@roxie60 i definitely recommend Iceco and their JP50 DC Cooler!! My EB3a handled it all weekend like a champ while we were camping. :metal:

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Thank you @m.briney a DC frig/freezer is something ive been researching as backup for frig. Great to hear EB3A worked well for that setup. Im surprised it makes it thru the night. Does the iceco have an internal battery? If the EB3A can power an ICECO overnite that sounds great.

Is that a PV200 in the background?

Want the frig but I’m still slowly building my panel input. I just cant seem to get good amt of input watts from any of my panels (but I keep tweaking them). I have another pv200 on the way.

Great power just went off and back on…no warning. Hope that not ominous sign.

Trying to get 2 800w of panel input. I think the most ive seen is 130 on the pv200 and that was just a momentary peak. Kinda sad have 200w panels but only getting 100-130 input. Put im still learning. I think greatest max input is 700 for my AC200P.

Have a great day.

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The iceco jp50 does not have an internal battery. It pulls between 30-50w when the compressor is on but that’s only probably a few minutes per hour? Not very long at all as it hold temp very well. That cover that came with it def helps that tho and of course results will vary depending on the environment. It was around 92F during the day (kept cooler in shade tho) and dropped to around 68F at night here in Michigan this past weekend.

The pv200 panels kept the EB3A topped off at 100% most the day (btw I am absolutely loving this panel!! Haha) and noticed the EB3a to be around 60% around 8am? The EB3A has been awesome so far. :metal:

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I have been looking at the ACOPOWER Lioncooler Pro but only findinding the mon pro version (probably cause still indygogo or kickstarter).

But the Pro is impressive but I will probably have to b more price conscientious since I need at least 1 more pv200. So many things want to add for backup power.

@roxie60 i have one of the acopower lioncooler mini units purchased via the kickstarter campaign and really looking forward to it. I purchased 2 of those blue portable batteries that it uses off of Amazon and must say they are pretty impressive! You can adjust the output on them, sort of like the powerben power banks, which make it as a nice option as an expansion battery of sorts for units with finicky input ranges!

They pushed back the shipping (common for these crowdfunding campaigns :man_facepalming:) but should be getting it by the end of the month/early august. And that price they have on it right now is a damn good deal.

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@m.briney I’ve been racking my brain trying to choose first 12v frig/frezr. So many hours spent evaluating and understanding differences. I narrowed down to ACOPOWER X50, the SETPOWER 45s and TWW-45 (many companies sell this model). I did look at the ACOPOWER Lion cooler on INDY and it looks very good but didnt want to wait for Fall delivery.

I decided on the Euhomy TWW-45 (48qt). Should arrive by the weekend. Has many features I felt I needed. I would have liked a removable divider but it’s true dual zone so might b reason no divider. My second choice would have neen the SETPOWER 45s, very efficient. But no wheels was a deal breaker. The build looked solid, quality build but means heavier even empty and w/o wheels dont think i could manage.

Im glad that decision off the list. Plan to test w/ Bluetti EB55 snd EB70S.

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I have ordered an ICECO JP50 Pro (via indiegogo). Hopefully, ICECO will have the temperature range problem fixed by the time my unit arrives :). I think it will pair up well with my AC200MAX and the B230 I currently own. It’s a single chamber unit which I will run as a freezer. For refrigerated items, I’ll store them in an ice chest using Cooler Shock reusable ice packs to chill them. The used ice packs can then be re-frozen in the JP50 Pro.