Weipu SP29 connector for AC input

Hi - I want to create a custom cable that can go from an AC breaker to the AC300 via the Weipu SP29. This is for a DIY van project.

Has anyone done this? Since the SP29 seems to be very hard to find, has anyone located a source or found an alternative specification??


type weipu 29 into ali express

I was lucky to buy a pair of Weipu SP29 3-pin 30 A aviation type female connectors last year to fabricate my own AC charging circuit for my two AC300 in split phase operation. Try visiting the Weipu web page. The two SP29 connectors cost me $11 including shipping from China.

If not successful, just open the SP29 connector of the included AC cable, desolder the three pins (pin1 = line, pin 2= neutral, pin 3 = ground), then solder in a new 3-wire cable correctly to those pins and splice the other end to the AC breaker and ground.