Webasto Heater with AC200Max

I just installed a Webasto Airtop 2000 gasoline heater in my van. I have been powering all my DC products with a Jackery 1500. I know the Jackery has a Max of 10amp at once. On startup the Webasto says it may draw up to 12amps. The Unit is not working as it is over the 10amp capacity. It continues to produce an error code F6 which I believe is due to the Jackery 10amp issue. My question is If I purchase an AC200MAX and Run my Van off the 12V 30Amp plug should I have enough power to run the heater. Running 12V Fridge, and PUC lights currently so not drawing much over 5-7 amps. Any input would be appreciated. Thank You.

Welcome to the forum @dsd1212 ! I have found that the circuitry in the bluetti excels compared to jackery units. I dont personally have the Webasto that you have, but have used a diesel heater paired with my AC200 unit. (Which is very similar to the Max.) Best thing for you to do is to get a multi-meter that will gather the min/max amperage of the inline “rush/surge” when the unit initially kicks on, and also a killawatt meter so that you can determine just how much juice you’re going to need. This will not just help with dialing in exactly what youre going to need, but also give you a great idea of how long you’re going to be able to utilize your products when out in real world applications.

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Agreed, 12 amps continuous shouldn’t be an issue with the AC200 but if you don’t know what the actual in-rush current is you can’t say for sure. The in-rush current times for these units is somewhat short, meaning it can handle over 2000 watts when you start a piece of equipment but only for a very short duration.


I can even start and run my diesel heater with the EB3A. If it is really 10 Amp than you should be able to run your heater. Maybe you are drawing some power allready somewhere else at start up. A cheap option might be in this case to supplement your system with the EB3A.

AC200Max showed up. Plugged into the 12vDC/30 amp outlet. Worked like a charm. On webasto cold startup I was running 8 puck lights, as well as my Dometic Fridge. Ever so slight flicker on one set of Puck lights, but otherwise no issues.