We love our AC200P for our van.

It has been two years since we purchased our AC200P for our Promaster Van conversion. We decided on the AC200P based on the features and overall value of the unit. A key reason was the capabilities of the unit and allowing us to obtain an off-grid van setup while still being portable. We utilize our van for vacations and can depend on the AC200P, while not having the cost, weight, and space of a fixed electrical system. The product quality and Customer service have been top-notch, and we are big fans and look forward to utilizing additional Bluetti products.


@brentb Welcome to the forum! :laughing:
Thank you very much for your affirmation of BLUETTI. I’m also glad to know that the AC200P can be a good companion for your VanLife. Looking forward to you sharing more pictures, so that the forum members can see them. :)

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