Watts drop when 2 PV350 connected in series

New solar user with AC200max and 2 PV350 panels. Things work great when one panel is connected, I pull around 300w. When I connect both of the PV panels in series with the supplied wires the watt input drops to around 90w. What am I missing?

When this happens is there any shade cast on either of the panels? Does the other panel also generate around 300W on its own?

Individually they both work fine. Shade on either drops wattage as expected. This happens in full sun exposure.

I tried this again at 1pm (previously tried at 10am). Now both panels seem to be operating optimally with a total of 570 watts. If I cover a small area of two adjacent panels the output drops to around 150w or less. Is this expected? It doesnt do it if I cover a similar amount of only one panel.

Hi @travis ,
Solar panels in the use of the process can not have any shade, otherwise it will greatly affect the input power. Secondly, the length of the connection cable will also affect, the longer the length of the connection cable the more the solar power loss.