Wattage reading

Hi guys, why is it that wattage reading on the Bluetti EB55 does not correspond to the actual devices? Example, device wattage consumes 53w and display on the eb55 read’s 35w. Thanks

I have an EB55 with the same issue. From a full charge, a connected fan reads 48 watts out and only runs for 7 hours, which would equal 336 watt hours. If I connect the fan to a killawatt on grid power, the fan registers at 69 watts. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @nbalzan , It is possible that our machine and the wattage meter are displayed differently.
Our EB55 displays active power. Your wattage meter may display the apparent power. The difference in display method causes the difference in power displayed.

if that is the case, then when my EB55 displays 48 watts out and only runs for 7 hours, I am only getting 336 watt hours out of the listed 537 watt hours. Does that mean I have a defective battery?