Hi, could someone inform me of the best way to register my warranty?

What is the required information I need to provide and can I submit this to BLUETTI directly? I’d rather not submit it to the source where I bought it. It was purchased from a retailer on the Internet. I’m not sure how reliable they would be at following through with the registration.

Please advise.


Warranty depends on your country. Talking for the EU:

Your primary point for warranty is the retailer you bought your product. If your unit is defective it is up to the seller to get it repaired under warranty. Usually you bring the product back to the seller and it is up to them to fix it. They may use a third party for the repair, like letting Bluetti do the repair.
If they cannot fix your unit under warranty you should get a refund.

Additional to this official warranty, the factory (Bluetti) may provide warranty as well. You can read the warranty terms of Bluetti here:

It seems that Bluetti only provides warranty to products directly purchased from them or from retailers that they authorized. Perhaps you should ask Bluetti if they authorized the retailer you bought from. If not, no problem, you still have warranty with your retailer.

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