Warranty & Returns Experience


I have been trying to get a response from Bluetti on my faulty AC50S. Unfortunately I’ve not had much assistance . . . is this the experience that everyone has had of support and customer service?


Your experience is very common. If you use " @BLUETTI " when posting your questions or comments they will see it and most of the time they respond on this forum.

Hi @David0208 , sorry for inconvenience caused. Phone service or email service has been on overload lately. The response time is usually around 72 hours.
Can you please tell us what your going email and order number is (you can send it to us via private message)? We will help you to check with the customer service department.

Hope for your kind understanding and look forwards to your reply.


I have a faulty AC50 and my order number is . . . ORDER SPF-BT-UK-1264


@David0208 , Thanks for the order number provided.
We already have a staff member following up for you, please keep an eye on your inbox. :grinning: