Warranty Question AC300

G’day all,
I finally received my AC300/B300 combo yesterday. Keen to set use it, I plugged in the iron so the missus could do some ironing.
Just for fun, I went on the Bluetti website to see what the software update change logs had to say and I noticed some conflicting information.
There is a banner up the top of the web page that states “2 year hasstle free warranty” but further down on the AC300 page it states “4 year worry free warranty”.

Which is it, 2 year hassle free or 4 year worry free?


Maybe it depends when you bought it. Is the 4yr a promo? Check your order sheet, the warranty should be stated there as it is a part of what you paid for.

Hi @Aussie_In_AZ,

Thank you for your attention.
AC300+B300 have 4 year worry free warranty. Those accessories purchased with AC300 is not 4 year warranty.

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