Warning for PV Panel Owners

I’ve discovered that if bird droppings get onto the PV200s, they’ll eat right through the panel coating & travel underneath the coating. That’s even after cleaning it off within 24 hours. I clean off every bird poop as soon as I see them, but it seems to only take a couple hours for them to penetrate. This is driving me crazy.

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Where are you located? What kind of birds do you have there?

I’m in San Jose. Typical big city birds: robins, sparrows, towhees, pigeons, crows, flycatchers, hummingbirds. I’m in an older part of the city that has lots of mature trees, hence lots of birds.

Ok. Thanks for the head’s up. I am surprised that bird dropping is that corrosive. I never had bird dropping on my foldable panels yet. The fixed panels on the roof gets them from time to time but doesn’t seem to bother them. Sort of putting some sort of plastic sheet on top, I don’t see a way.

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I’m a little late to this thread, but waxing the surface with caranuba wax can protest your coating from such corrosiveness

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It’s uncanny how birds almost seem to do things like that on purpose. I’ve seen them perch on powerlines directly over cars, but not where there are no cars below. :stuck_out_tongue: