Want to refund unfulfilled order

Could you give me a information about how can i refund my order SPF-EU-22061? My Order SPF-EU-22061 is paid for more then 10 business days and not fulfilled yet but i cant contact with support to refund it.

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Support will get back to you but they are quite slow.

Bluetti, especially their locations in Europe seem a bit overwhelmed after the Black Friday sale.

same here, paid on 29th November, support don’t answer for letters, cancel my order too: SPF-FR-4344

I am to want to make a refund, order SPF-EU-17874. I also sent a request for refund to email.

Please refund my order too


I paid for it on November 23 but the status is still UNFULFILLED

29 November paid and still unfulfilled status
Could you refund my order too
Support is not answering for 3 times
Please advise me how to refund my order

Hello, could you tell me some information about my order #SPF-FR-3859. EB70 + PV200

I placed the order on Nov 19 and have already paid.
I well received PV200 but not the EB70

I have sent you many emails, but nobody replied. It’s not very serious.

I need the EB70 for early January, if I can’t receive it on January 10th, please refund.