Want to do a return within the 30 days. Can't contact anyone

How can I contact someone to initiate a Return Authorization within the 30 days? Product is unused.
I try calling and when I do get a recording to leave a message, I can’t do it because the “box is full”.
I have sent three emails and have not received an answer from anyone and it has been over 48 hours on the first one. Forgive me if I don’t understand why it would take 48 hours to answer an instantaneous email message.
I am getting a very bad feeling here that I have been scammed. If I can’t contact anyone then I can’t do the return and can’t get a refund.
If anyone can get me in touch with someone that can help, I would appreciate it.

You haven’t been scammed. Bluetti is a legitimate company that makes legitimate products. Your experience isn’t much different from many here. I wish I had more for you but their customer service really sucks from being overwhelmed with sales and a lagging supply chain. Its not a good situation but I wouldn’t say they took your money and ghosted you.

Ya. Well, thanks for the reply BUT, I would think that some “moderator” would reply to me and tell me how they can really be contacted. Or, have them contact me and apologize profusely and give me the Return authorization so I can just go away and not be complaining not about their “service” but their complete LACK OF CUSTOMER SERVICE and do it on multiple websites and YouTube and then they can have my unused units for people that have some kind of “trust” in a company that doesn’t answer the phone and has FULL telephone message boxes or say they will respond to a frigging EMAIL within 48 hours! Does it take email 48 hours to reach China or seconds? If you would like to make excuses for them, that is a rhetorical question. The only answer to poor service is a REFUND. These units may be perfectly good but not having any communication is not acceptable. What if I plug them in and have a problem? I can see that I can expect ZERO help from Bluetti. I want a return and refund while they are still in business. If they are in business.

I don’t get the impression that any official person from Bluetti monitors this forum so I would not expect any moderator to help here.

Customer service, from what I have read, does not seem to be their strong suit right now.

Personally I’d wait a bit longer than 48 hours before you give up on them though.

Thank you.
I know there are those that consider themselves “moderators” because I see where they reply to others.
I’m afraid I have already given up on Bluetti. I just would like to escape with most of my money, if I can. Fortunately, it is all on a credit card but I would like to not have to go through that process.

I am one of a few moderators here but have no official connection to Bluetti or any magic ability to contact them. In my experience the communication is very slow, frustrating and what staff is available is off sync with the US time system by 24 hours. If you are expecting US type customer service you will be disappointed. I can say that in my experience, whatever the issue, Bluetti will make it right and they will do the right thing…eventually. No scamming going on, just lacking customer service communication and timeliness.

Thanks for your reply. I should have registered for this forum before purchasing and read of the poor service. I will have to see if my credit card company can motivate them to contact me and do a return. I certainly would have never purchased anything if I would have known that, if I have a problem, I would not be able to contact anyone to resolve it.

Did you ever receive a response to emails from Bluetti?

I have had a similar issue & it’s been more than a week.

Try this email:
You still may wait a few days for a response but I found this address to actually get me to someone that could make things happen.
I think, in the meantime, contact your Credit card company and file a “dispute”. It worked for me.
Good luck!

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Thank you @deepsix80 !

I am in a similar state. I am trying to return the PV350 I ordered because no matter how I have it configured, I can never get more than 70 watts from it. So I am assuming it is defective.

I have sent a couple messages to the service email with no response, so I have not received a return authorization.

A bit concerning that they have a 30-day return policy, but if we never get a response with an authorization, then we can never return it, regardless of the reason.

Once they finally respond to you, it may only take 24 hours turnaround for each Q&A. They made me a couple offers to “fix” my problem of not getting everything I ordered. I did not accept. Poor customer service is unacceptable.

Contact your credit card company NOW. It is your only leverage.

It was a big day for me when I saw the full credit appear back on my credit card.

I now have two Ecoflow Delta Pros. There is still a 24 hour turnaround on Q&A but no extended wait time on the initial request for help.
Just imagine what will happen if we get into a dust-up over Taiwan or China shuts down the whole country again because of some kind of new Flu. Let’s hope we have purchased something that is quality and will keep working.