Waiting time for sine wave stability at AC output?

How many time have I to wait since the sinuswave of the electrical voltage has stabilized at ac output?
My observation:
This morning I used acc300/b300 as an ups for my sonography machine the second time…
First I power on acc300/b300 and in very short time, i think about 10 til 15 sec. later I also powered on my sonography machine. The sonography machine started, but there was an unround fan noise. So I decided to shut down my sonogrpahy machine. With the restart of the sonography machine the noise has disappeared. The sonography machine has never done this befor!

How long have I to wait? Your opinon or experience? Maybe messurements?

From my experience and for all practical purposes, there’s no wait time at all for the AC300 inverter to reach a stable sine wave.

Hi @Johnny34 , When you refer to fan noise, do you mean loud noise from our machine or your machine, or fan-like sound from the ultrasonic instrument?

thanks for your question and sorry about my indifferent description.
Yes, this noise was from my ultrasound machine. I think it was from one of his fans. Today all is like every day, no noise. Maybe bcause I waited some minutes after startup of the BLUETTI ac300. and about 3 minutes later I started my ultrasound machine. All works fine today.

Thank you

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