Voltage difference when plugged into mains

I have a Breville Bambino which does not work with the AC180. Looking in the app the voltage is shown as 229v. However, when I plug the AC180 into mains (grid mode) the voltage increased to above 230v and the Breville Bambino works.

Hi @blasio17

i think you mean a increase from 229V to 230V right? Most of the electronic devices support a specific voltage range that is a bit above 230V and a bit under 230V for the most case. You can see the supported voltage on a sticker somewhere on the machine.



@blasio17 When you plug the AC180 into the mains, the voltage displayed is the voltage on the power grid.

Hi, yes when not connected to the mains the voltage shows 229v however, when plugged into the mains it goes above 230v around 231-233v.