Visisting Bluetti @ IFA Berlin 2023!

Hello together!

I had the great honour of visiting the Bluetti stand at IFA 2023 in Berlin yesterday. I would like to tell you a bit about my impressions in this post.

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It takes me a good 2 and a half hours to get to Berlin from Hamburg. The fair started at 10 a.m. and I even managed to get there almost on time for the opening. The day was sunny, ideal for every solar lover. So, off to the exhibition grounds! I picked up my entrance pass and went to various other stands first. It’s not easy to find your way around such a big fair^^. It is much bigger than expected. After looking at numerous other solar manufacturers, I finally made it to my personal highlight of the fair at around 1 pm. “The” Bluetti stand. To be precise, Bluetti had several stands at this exhibition. One stand was located in an open outdoor area. Here you could already see various products, such as the EP600, installed in a converted van. If you speak English, you can also have a nice conversation with one of the many Bluetti colleagues. As I had received a exhibition entry ticket from Bluetti, I was already given a friendly welcome.

Should any of the colleagues here read this, then I would like to thank you again for your friendly welcome!

After a short wait, I was also received by Ms Frieda Yung and given a small present. I have taken a photo of the contents and the box for you here. A bracelet was also made especially for me, which I will now always wear proudly :slight_smile:

But I also went to the stand with a few questions about the EP600. With the help of a translator, I was able to ask my questions about the EP600 and some of them were clarified in detail and in relation to my previous infrastructure. During the somewhat long session, I was provided with biscuits and something to drink. What a luxury^^

To get some impressions of the Bluetti stand inside the hall, I took a few pictures for you.

Even though I have already mentioned this several times in the article, I was very happy about the appreciation of my work in this forum and I am happy to continue being an active member!

I hope you enjoyed the impressions of the IFA. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the exhibition!




Wow excellent thanks @Selfmadestrom ! I wish I could have gone, but those pics already help feeling the good vibe there. Bluetti is really upping its game facing the big players with EP600 and the likes. I wish I could have visited, and meet some of the friendly staff I discussed with via mail to put faces on those names!


@Derceto Yeah, it was really great to actually talk to them in person and as you said have a “face” instead of just a email adress in front of you. Maybe they coming to a exhibition near you in the near future :slight_smile:

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@Selfmadestrom Thank you for dedicating a post to exhibition review sharing!
I’ve switched your post to the SHARE YOUR BLUETTI LIFE section and topped it:)
I hope the answers from our staff about BLUETTI Home Storage Systems will help you a bit :smile:


Glad that you were able to experience this.

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