View PV inputs 1 and 2 on the App for AC300?

Is there any way to view the individual DC1 and DC2 inputs on the app? I realize you can view them on the AC300 PV input screen but looking for any way to view them in the app. If not available I’d like to submit a feature request.


After connecting, try clicking on the “Production” button.

I’m clicking on the ‘Production’ button but nothing happens. Is that going to be part of the next app release? It’s going to be great information to have.

Yeah I don’t know why you suggested this as it does nothing. Does it do anything for you?

with my AC500 it works…

App Version is v2.3.1

As I originally stated I have an AC300…

Same here with my AC300, only AC500 gives the details.
Couldn’t help but notice the name you gave to your generator :sunglasses:

@OhioIsEveryWhere @rando_specs Sorry for the confusion.
After the technical team’s connection test, we found that the AC300 indeed did not display PV1 and PV2. It only displayed after connecting the AC500.
I have already fed back this requirement to the APP team for further evaluation and optimization.

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Thanks for the update. Hopefully the team will push an update for it soon but having this new energy information is already huge!

Typically you run tests before you roll features out to the production environment.