Victron DC converter for fast car charge of 180- solar input

Hi all, New to the forum and Bluetti. I have a 180 and am interested in fast car charging using the Victron 12/24 volt 20 amp DC-DC converter. I’ve been reading and searching but haven’t found exactly what Im looking for.

-Can anyone tell me what cable to use coming off the Victron to the PV/DC port on the 180. Would I buy an additional MC4-DC7909 solar/PV cable from bluetti to “alter”

  • does anyone have any rough wiring schematics?

  • ideally im installing the Victron under my hood and running the charging cable to the back of the vehicle with fuses and a switch. I’m fairly handy but at this would pay someone to design something for me!
    Thanks in advance Jason in BC

A cable with a 7909 plug at one end will work. (a 12 ga wire cable would be ideal) cut off the other end and attach those two wires to the Victron. The victron inverter is adjustable to 30 volts which I would suggest running at. That will give you aprox a 240 watt input charge. Wire the input end of the victron directly to your negative and positive battery terminals or at some point shortly downstream from the battery.

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Hey Scott,
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your time!