Very ignorant questions

Hi all
I a would like to purchase an AC300 with B300 battery as well solar panels. I am completely ignorant on technical matters and my most sophisticated skill with electrical things is changing a light bulb.
So, my very ignorant questions:

  1. Is the whole system plug and play (I saw there is an app to be used from the mobile phone, is it guided with a wizard or similar)?
  2. Do I find in the box, the cables to connect the panels to the generator, or should they be purchased on the side?
  3. How long are such cables and/or is it possible to either make and/or buy extensions?
    Thank you all for any answer!

Good day!

1 - There is no wizard but all you need to do is connect the B300 to the AC300 and turn each of them on. There is a manual that comes with the AC300 but it’s fairly brief (assuming it’s similar to the AC200MAX).

2- There are no cables to connect the solar panels (at least not with the AC200MAX). You need standard MC4 cables. I used Amazon but there are other places. For testing, you can place the unit close to your panels and just connect directly. You need to be pretty close though.

3 - You can buy whatever length of MC4 cables you need or you can even make your own by purchasing a crimping tool.

Hi @Monika , welcome to BLUETTI community and thanks for your support on AC300+B300 :blush:
Yes the product is plug and play. You need to connect AC300+B300 properly with the charging cable (included in the package). Then you can charge it.
When using for the first time, please empty the power and then fill it up, so as to cycle twice. Be careful not to carry any load during the charging process. (This is the step to calibrate the SOC)

The following images is the standard accessories in the box, you can refer to it.

As for the third point, are you referring to the connection cable between the solar panel and the machine?
Our solar panels will also come with their own wires in the package. If you have personal needs you can purchase other extension cords or adapter cables.

Hope it can help.

thank you all for the swift and useful feedback! :slight_smile: