Using the US purchased Bluetti AC200 in Europe

Bluetti has confirmed that the AC200 that I bought in the US and subsequently brought to Europe has no internal settings for use in the EU for the 220V needed output. My question is: Should an external voltage converter that I purchase for 120V input to 220V output that I plug into the AC200 work for my 220V needs as long as the wattage of the converter is sufficient for my needs? I see that I can select 50Hz 120V output on the AC200. My plan is to use this output selection on the AC200 that I then plug the 3000W voltage converter into that will hopefully provide me with 50Hz 220V output for emergencies when needed. I am planning to buy a ring type (torroidal) voltage converter. Thanks!

Theoretically, it is possible, but the output of AC200 is only 2000W, please note.