Using the AC50S as a battery backup

Where I live in California we now have a ridiculous fire season. Every summer my power is shut off for 3-10 days several times per season. I currently have the AC50S set up by my network closet to power our home network (poe) which I have solar panels connected to. This setup keeps everything up and running nicely assuming that Comcast does their job and keeps the cable energized.

Right now I’m manually doing the power switchover when we lose power but I was wondering if it is destructive to the product to just leave it plugged into power and feeding the devices indefinitely. I’m guessing its not ideal because the fan spins up which I believe means that its draining the power from the battery and replacing it rather than just doing passthrough which I’m sure degrades the product over time. Just thought I’d check if anybody knew better than me.

Thanks very much!


Charging and discharging the AC50S simultaneously may slightly accelerate the degradation of the li-ion battery pack, but no need to worry about it, leave that part to BMS and warranty. :grinning: