Using RockPal 100w and 60w

I plan on using the RockPal portable solar panels, the 100w and 60w together to recharge the Bluetti AC50S. Will there be a problem with this?

You can, but they will both function as 60 watt panels connected together since the output of all panels will be equal to the lowest wattage panel


So I would only get 120 watts? I’m wondering if it’s even worth paying for the 60w and staying with 100 only. Would 2, 100w give me 200w?
Thanks for input. So much to learn.

Yes only 120 potential watts. Actual watts received will be even lower. It is always best to connect panels that have closely matched specs

Thanks again. I see in your profile you make cables? I’m guessing I will need the longest cable for solar to battery for charging. Is this something you sell or can recommend where I can purchase and type needed?

I have made several cables for my personal use but do not make cables for sale. There are many solar extension (mc4) cables available from Amazon.

I have several sets of the below cables and like them for portable installations. For a couple of solar panels they are all you need. In my opinion, they are a perfect match for a panel or two plus the AC50S. Anything more and it would be like using a dump truck to haul a bag of groceries.

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