Using EB55 to charge AC1800

I’ve heard that you can connect an EB55 to an AC1800 to extend the watt hours of the AC1800. The EB 55 obviously doesn’t have the capacity to fully charge the AC1800 but it would give it some additional run time. How exactly would a person connect the EB55 to the AC1800? In other words, what kind of connector is needed? Thanks in advance.

Plug the AC180 into the AC power outlet of the EB55. Set the max charging rate of the AC180 to not exceed the output capacity of the EB55 and turn on the AC of the EB55. No other cables other than the AC power cord that came with your 180 required.


I tried this same thing with my EB3A which is 600w compared to EB55 at 700w, it exceeded the amount and shut it off. Maybe you’ll have better luck at 700w. You could always try and use the cigarette port from the EB55 to the AC180 but that would only charge, if it works, at around 100w.

Thanks for the quick reply. Am I right to assume that the max charging rate for the AC180 can be set using the BlueTooth app for the AC180. My AC180 arrived about a week ago and is still in the box pending word from someone about using the EB55 to partially charge the AC180. Would setting the AC180 to eco mode be the same as limiting the charge rate from the EB55 to the AC180?

Yes, the charge rates are adjustable on the AC180. In the slowest mode, you should be able to charge from your smaller unit. Eco mode has nothing to do with charging, it simply turns the ac inverter off if there is no load on it for several hours. There is another setting called grid adaption mode that I would also turn on to charge. It allows less than perfect power to still charge the AC180

Just what I wanted to know. Thanks for your great advice, again.

I don’t see anywhere to adjust the charge rate on the AC180 in the Blue Tooth app. I do have the latest software version.

Turbo, Standard or silent. I have tried to get Bluetti to add being able to adjust the rate of charge in 100 watt increments just like their competitors have had for years but to no avail.