Using AC300 to power main panel in home. Neutral question

I have read many threads about the AC300 failing due to wiring errors. I want to make sure my understanding is correct.

I would like to use the AC300 as backup to the home main panel, but I am concerned about the neutral bar in the main panel being connected to the ground. Is the bonded neutral an issue if the AC power input to the AC300 is not used?

As I understand it, the problem occurs only if the AC power input to the AC300 is connected the same neutral as a circuit it is supplying power to. Am I correct?

If that is the only issue, can the AC300 be used like a generator supplying the home main panel as long as the AC input is unplugged. I have 1,920 watts of solar to recharge during the day.

Hi @jhempel01 , When the old batch AC300 (before March 2022) was connected to the distribution box, the mains N and the output N wire of the AC300 could not be connected together. The new version of the batch (after March '22) have solved this problem away.


Thank you!

I have one followup question. Is the neutral bar connected to ground in the distribution panel a problem?

No. I am using two AC300 and four B300 with the P030A Fusion Box Pro since September (due to Hurricane Fiona) and all neutrals and grounds are connected together only at my main distribution panel.

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