Using AC200P as a UPS

Hi everyone.

I’m usually away for a couple of months at a time and wish to use my AC200P as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) for my 4 servers that I keep running 24/7. This means keeping my AC200P connected to AC power and plugging my servers into the AC200P while I’m away.

My servers+router+internet are currently pulling about 380watts and I see the AC power feeding the AC200P is about 440watts, so I believe I should be ok.

My question: is there any reason why I shouldn’t be doing this? Will this harm the AC200P or anything like that?


I do this with a similar Goal Zero setup for a couple of years already for my routers and modem and everything is OK. My setup is lower powered, at only 50w draw, but it is a 400wh unit.

One potential concern is that you are keeping the battery at a high voltage all the time and that may degrade the battery faster. Though the LiFePO4 battery is better than most other Li-Ion. Is there a way for you to set the max charge %, if so setting it to 90% may be a good option.

Bluetti support told me: "AC200P cannot be used as a UPS power supply because it has no UPS function. It’s just a portable power station "

I don’t understand what that means.

If you intention of a UPS is that you can plug an AC load to it, and that the load will be powered by grid AC normally, but would keep powered by the battery when the grid is out, then it will work.

While it will work the AC200P isn’t a great UPS because of certain limitations;

  • you are limited in power by how fast you can charge it, so max UPS power is far less than 2000w (your 300-400w load is OK)
  • if your load isn’t pulling enough power, it will shut down after some time and you will have to start it manually. Defeating the purpose of the UPS (your 300w load is ok though)
  • because AC output is from the battery and inverter, and the battery is charged by the AC input, you will loose 20-30% efficiency.

So for your purpose with a 300-400w load, you can totally use it as a UPS. Just know that you may be shortening the life of the battery if you have to keep it 100% charged and that you will use 20-30% more energy all the time.

I believe that it is called pass through, such that the charge power is passed through the equipment to the output.

Ah yes. I don’t think the AC200p supports pass through, but you still can use it as an UPS with restrictions.

I own 4 AC200Ps and have been using all of them as UPS systems since I got them half a year ago. As others have stated, there are a few limitations. Snowstorm summed them up very well.

I’ve been very happy with running them this way. We have several freezers and I sleep easier knowing they are all plugged into Bluetti. We had the power go out for three hours a few weeks ago and it was pretty cool that our freezers did not even notice it, lol.