Using 3 T500 chargers on AC200MAX + B300 - B300 charger not showing up on Bios


I have set up an AC200MAX + B300 expansion battery to power my house during the load shedding in South Africa.

I have plugged two T500 chargers to the AC200MAX (one charging via AC, one via DC) and both of these show up on the AC200MAX Bios screen.

I have a third T500 charger plugged directly into the B300 expansion battery, however this one doesn’t show up on the AC200MAX Bios screen or add anything to the totals shown on screen. However it does appear to be charging, as the red light switches on during charging, and turns green when both batteries are fully charged.

However I am trying to make sure it is actually doing something. Is this normal ? Has anyone tried this particular setup, and, if anything, what am I doing wrong ? Should the charger information from the B300 (the T500 charger which is directly plugged into the B300 battery) show up on the AC200MAX bios screen ?

Thank you.

I don’t have a B300, but I do have the B230 and it behaves the same when using a D050S - only the green lights flash show show it’s charging, but no way to see details from the AC200MAX. To confirm it’s charging, I use a inline watt meter.

Thank you for the response rgb.

This is what I was hoping to hear, it’s very helpful. I will check using a watt meter to make sure.

Another less precise method would be to feel for a heat load on the fan outlet of the charging brick. If it’s making watts the air coming from the fan will be warm or hot. Once the battery is fully charged the fan air will be the same temp as the surrounding air. I know this isn’t a definitive answer but it’s a quick way to tell.

Another way : on the d50s charger, you have a led/indicator : Red light indicates charging, green light indicates standby, flashing green light = Not enough sun for the d50s to operate.

@Ruimtemuis It is normal. AC200MAX will not show the input when the T500 charger is directly plugged into the B300 battery.

Thank you to everyone for your responses. It is much appreciated.

@BLUETTI_CARE : If I understand your response correctly, the T500 does charge the B300 as it should, but there is no way to verify it on the BIOS, nor the APP ? However this setup should allow charging of up to 1500W per hour, correct ?


Yes. Whether the battery pack is charging can be judged by the battery indicator light. The Charging power will be counted.

Hi Snips, I guess the way I wrote that could be clearer, but I was actually refering to the green lights on the B230 that flash when charging. It would be nice if the AC200MAX could give more detail when a B230 is charging, but I’m just glad I can add a bit more solar through each B230.

Hello RGB

Sorry for the misunderstanding, you are talking about the green LED chaser on the b230 while I was talking about the LED on the d50s charger… I will clarify it in my answer. Thank you.