Use USB-C (PD3.0 protocol supported) 100W ports when off-grid

Use the cable that come with the EP500Pro.
20VDC is in the power station, so why should you convert it to AC and to DC again?
Use an older notebook without a USB-C power connection?
Check Power output < 100W and the dimensions of the adapter plug for your notebook brand and type. For my notebook it was 5.5mm x 2.5mm.
[Example on Amazon]
[Extra Cable 3m]
USB C 100W

Hi @JanNL_FR
Thats a simple but amazing idea. Didnt know that that kind of adapters are a thing.

Since the USB-C is PD, it should figured out the Voltage and current for itself, right?

I use this cable . Its made for 100W PD Charging.