Use of Bluetti US products in EU

has anyone experience using US Bluetti products in the EU region?

is it enough, just to add a socket adapter to Bluetti, or it will totally not work due to different voltage requirements (US - 110V, EU - 220V)?

specific interest in the BLUETTI EB70 model

Hi @sergiishapoval , Different voltage versions are not compatible for use in different regions. Europe can only use our Euro version of EB70, thank you for your understanding.

ok, thank you for reply

If you use it in the EU you will still get 120v out. If you have products that work with both then you are ok.

Most computers, laptops, tablets, etc switch between 120v and 240v.

But most everything else will require 240v.

ok, thank you for clarification


Hi guys

Do I understand correctly?

the US Bluetti EB3A 268Wh will not break

if I use it by 220-volt rosette?

The main question is if it possible to charge N.America Bluetti device through the 120v AC input port in European countries where 220v standard. Can we plug AC120V input socket to AC220V?

I’m not going to use it’s 2x110v output sockets here in Europe, all I need is to feed my laptop through PD port, and charge it from my 220v wall socket.

So my AC200MAX has an A/C charger that states 110V ~ 220V on the back of it. The indication is that it would work just fine if connected to a 220V source however I do not have one to test.

In this case it looks like I could charge from a 220V source, however it is important to remember the device itself will ONLY output 110V and not 220V.

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