Use "Discourse Hub" App to connect with BLUETTI Community (iOS/Android)

“Discourse Hub” is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. Use the app to get easier access to our forum without having to login thru a web browser.

Click to download:
iOS(iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch): ‎App Store 上的“Discourse Hub”

Setting Guide(Take Android version for example):

  1. Launch the Discourse app:

  2. Add the site:, connect

  3. Enter your account name and password, login

  4. Now you’re all set.


Thank you for sharing @BLUETTI team! Just downloaded it and it seams to be working as planned so far. @Scott-Benson this def makes it easier then to keep having to login to a browser every time. Still got some learning to do to navigate everything on my end, but this will def help. :metal: :grimacing::metal:


What level of Android does it support? My tablet has 4.4 and when I found the app on Google Play Store, it reported “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” so I have to use the Google browser.