Use DC Charging Enhancer (D050S) as AC input?

Is possible to use the DC enhancer as AC input to charge AC200max or B300 if I plug into AC outlet with adapters? Thanks!

Hi @Yowman

Really simple, no. The AC Port on AC200Max or B300 is designed to receive AC Power, not DC. You need to plug your charging source to the D050S and this one to the PV Input of your unit. You cant mix DC and AC!


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Thank you for your response! I am aware of mixing up DC and AC charge. I was curious if I could mimic DC charging with D050S from AC input with adequate adapters/cables.

From my understanding of what you are asking is that you are wanting to connect the output of DC Charging Enhancer D050S to the AC input of the AC200Max so that you can use another DC source, such as a B230 additional battery or solar panel etc., connected to the input of the DC Charging Enhancer to charge the AC200Max?
If this is indeed what you are asking, the answer is yes.
See link from Bluetti site.
If not, sorry for misunderstanding.

As DJR said, you can connect the D050C to the same input you connect the T500 to on the AC200MAX. The AC200MAX does not have a AC input since it uses the T500, which turns AC to DC. I do this all the time on my AC200MAX to add more solar in addition to the regular solar input.

I do not have a B300, so I don’t have a clue if the D050S can be used with it, but I do use the D050S with my B230’s. If the B300 can be charged with a T500, you should be able to use the D050S through the same input port.

What I was asking was to connect a power voltage converter to DC enhancer (for a higher voltage) and charge AC200max with DC enhancer. My AC200max came with T400 (less than 400W input) and I was looking for a cheaper option instead of purchasing T500. Sorry to confuse you guys. I found my answer and thank you!

Hello there, I too have the D050S and the AC200Max with 1 B300 unit. I have just purchased a second B300 and hooked it up yesterdays.

Presently I am using 2 PV350 and one PV200 solar panels (Bluetti) in series with a combined total of 900W the amperage is not an issue as they are almost identical. That’s tied into the PV input section of the AC200Max, and the Max is charging the B300.

As of now, I can charge my batteries with good solar at around 20% per hour.

I believe for the loads I am running, as long as I get sun at least every 3Rd day for 4-5 hours I am good to keep on going. But that isn’t always the case.

So the next step, I just received another B300 unit and I have 2 more PV200 Panels the plan is then to utilize my other 2 PV200 panels and connect them in series into the D050S enhancer through to the AC200Max AC input receptor.

Hope then I can go indefinitely.