Use case for the D300S PV Drop Down Module

I am trying to understand if this will solve an issue I have with feeding my AC300 + 2 B300s when they arrive. I live on the 45th parallel so I will have little sun and cold temps in the winter.

The goal is to feed it the max I can and I have some panels right now that are spec’d at:

Pmax = 395 watts
Voc= 40.73 volts
Isc= 10.31 Amps

Pmax = 294.8 watts
Voc= 45.8 volts
Isc= 8.22 Amps

I think right now I am constrained to a total of 4 panels, (2+2), due to the volts being close to over spec.
The question is: I think the D300S will be my solution? Can anyone confirm? If so how many panels could I / SHOULD I use?

Any thoughts/help is appreciated.

I have ordered the AC300 and the two PV inputs can handle up to 150 VDC, so you can put three panels in series on each input.

I screwed up on my spec for STC Voc. It is 49.03. IIs this too close to the max of 150?

There is a way to get away from over voltage by a little. Add diodes in series. Each diode drops 0.7 VDC so if you put three panels in series which is 147.1 volts, add at least one diode to keep it below 146 volts, and keep a 4 volt safety margin.